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What is it like to work with me?

Location-independent, personal, intuitive

As an online mentor for a self-determined life, I work with my clients - you guessed it: ONLINE!

But of course, that's not all there is to working with me!

I like to lift carpets under which much has been swept

With me, you as a client get one thing above all: clarity.

Because no matter if you have an existing business or are at a point in your life where you have decided for yourself and your very own path, it is absolutely essential to have clarity.

Clarity about where you are right now, what you want to change, what your goals are.

And what still needs to be tidied up so that you can really get started!

Therefore, when working with me, it is quite likely that we will take a deep look under your carpet, under which you have already swept a lot - as we all have, including me!
But don't worry, this doesn't always have to be painful, lengthy or tearful (although there's nothing wrong with that at all), because with my tools, such as morphic field reading and quantum healing, we can gently approach and unravel these things.

My mentoring resources:

1. Conscious Reading (morphic field reading)

Whether it's answers to questions, support in making decisions, overcoming blockages, tips on next steps or very practical guidance - the field has the solution and I'm happy to get it for you.

2. Mindset-Tools

"The message is determined by the receiver." When my mentor at the time said this sentence to me in 2009, my world once turned completely around. Other tools followed, such as replacing the word "but" with "and". Or "must" with "may" or even "want".

Try it out, you'll see what it does to you - and believe me, there's a lot more where that came from!

3. The Law of Attraction

Where your focus is, that determines your life. It is as simple as that. You attract what you focus your attention on. I show you how to use the law of attraction for yourself.

4. Success rituals

Do you know your goals? Do you manifest the things you want? Do you keep your focus? Do you live gratitude?
Exactly these things or the answers to them and the conscious handling of them will lead you to success. Personalised and nurturing routines and rituals will help you.

5. Quantum Healing

A wonderful tool to help you regain your strength! Whether physical, mental or spiritual, "quantum" is an ingenious, highly efficient way to solve problems (also) from a distance.

6. Online-Marketing-Knowledge

Marketing is in my blood. Since 2015, I have been accompanying, advising and coaching my favourite female clients on every conceivable marketing topic. Always personal, individual and NEVER the same.

Together with the impulses from the field, the ideas just bubble up here!

7. Simplicity

#makeitsimple is my motto! Whether explaining online marketing topics, creating step-by-step instructions and practical examples - the solution must ALWAYS be simple!

8. Implementation

All knowledge, all ideas and plans are of no use if we do not implement them. We implement them together! I can even step on your little toe with my little foot... oops! 😉

9. Self-determination

Everything can, nothing must. Very important, also when it comes to developing your very own path and your personal strategy. I show you the possibilities, support you in creating ideas, offers and solutions, what you do with them is up to you.
Self-determination is also self-responsibility!

10. Automation

I am a pragmatic person. Some might also say "lazy". I love to (have) things done simply and automatically. Especially in online business, there are countless processes and tasks that can be organised automatically. I'll show you these tools.

11. My team

Since there are things that I know about, but they are not part of my core competencies or I simply don't enjoy them enough, I have a brilliant team behind me. In our Business to Start Mentoring, they take over and show you that building up an online business is easy!

"I like to lift carpets under which much has been swept!" - What it's like to work with me.... #WorkWithMe #ShowWhatYouDo #makeitSimple


Let's talk, together we'll find the right thing for you!

To stay in touch with me and my work, I invite you to join my free Facebook group (content in German). There you can get to know both better, ask questions and find examples of free field readings in the info guides.

  • 12 weeks of personal transformation for souls who want to find purpose, independence and self-determination for their lives: VIP Life Mentoring - let's balance out your wheel of life!
  • If you want 5 months of my undivided attention to turn your life around, heal a situation or condition, or support a project, then Business to grow Mentoring is for you.
  • To make perfect use of THE turning point in your life, there is Business to start Mentoring! You will blossom - no matter if heartache, lack of creativity or health problems. We look at all areas of your life and address your individual needs. In addition, the DELUXE team and I build your successful online business with you.

Here you can book a free and non-binding get-to-know-you conversation with me.

Just pick a date that suits you and we'll see what's most useful to you!

What is it like to work with you?
Feel free to write it in the comments!

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