Vanlife Claudia Heimgartner

Are you at a turning point in your life right NOW?

You want to rearrange everything right NOW?

You are ready right NOW to realise your dream life?

Then this mentoring is for you

Ursula Furrer

Encourager, supporter, perseverer!
Claudia, your positive and lively guidance is very motivating. Your feedback is uplifting and supports me in my next step. Whenever I need you, you are always there to give me advice, support and encouragement, and that's just great!

Ursula Furrer

Support for your dream life

  • Do you feel that it is time for your change?
  • Are you ready to go for yourself and your desires?
  • Have you had enough of keeping yourself small and pleasing everyone else but yourself?
  • Do you want to be in charge of your life NOW?
  • Are you longing to finally be visible and successful with your own online business?
  • Can it finally be "just" about you?

You finally want to...

... be understood, supported and guided!

... feel and hear yourself and your wishes again!

... be at peace with yourself!

... live the life of your dreams, detached, free and with ease!

Yeah, we'll get there together!

Claudia Heimgartner selbstbestimmt
Claudia Heimgartner Digitale Nomadin

It's time ...

... Realise that you decide how your day, your year, your life is.

... Make your decisions FOR YOU and learn to deal with the consequences.

... To decide for yourself.

... To love yourself more.

... Trust yourself again.

Join now and stand up for yourself!

Do you know thoughts like...

... I am good enough?

... I am doing the right thing?

... may i just say YES TO ME now?


Claudia Heimgartner
Your Mentor

If I were an Indian, my name would probably be "The one who talks with her hands" 😉

I have been working on my mindset every day since 2009. I meditate, educate myself and actively practice deep gratitude.

Thanks to my wonderful intuition I also consciously integrate reading in the morphic field and quantum healing. This way I can support you even better in finding your own personal path, releasing your fears and blockages, really connecting with your goals and achieving them.

I like to call field reading "loving turbo" because it brings us easily and quickly into the solution.

Claudia Heimgartner Vanlife

My resources for you:

  • Reading in the morphic field
  • Law of Attraction
  • Quantum Healing
  • Success Rituals
  • Mindset Tools
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Simplicity
  • Self-determination
  • Implementation
  • Automation

The DELUXE  Team

We are your personal cheerleaders! 

Our team of 3 self-determined women will support you in business building, strategy and technology.

Your Main Mentor

Together we will find your clarity, define goals, change your mindset and heal what can still heal, holistically.

Building your online business the easy, individual way. You finally have a plan for your social media presence and get started with your marketing strategy!

Get things done!

Project- & Pinterest-Manager

As a mother of two children, Adriana enjoys the luxury of being able to work at her own hours and according to her own rules. Self-determination at its best.

As a project and Pinterest manager, she helps you to put your plans into practice in a structured and easy way - one step at a time. And with Pinterest, she turns your website into a traffic magnet.

is Web Designer

True to the motto "Being visible online starts with a website", Vroni supports you in the area of web design and digitalisation.

She has created her life and her profession in such a way that it gives her the freedom to work as a vangirl from anywhere in the world.

Claudia Rehder

The reading was like the reassurance for me that what I am doing is coherent... [...] I don't get bogged down in my doubts... it is so coherent what has happened in the last weeks that I could throw all doubts and fears overboard and know exactly that it is the absolutely best and right decision for me.

Claudia Rehder

Learn here how to manifest your dream life with the field!

Claudia Rehder tells in the interview how I read for her exactly what manifested itself for her just a few months later: she left the civil service life and now works independently on a brilliant online school.
She has an online business that generates her "passive income" and supports teachers as a coach. (Interview in German)

Feedback Vera Sistig

Claudia is wholeheartedly with "her ladies". She sees where there are deficiencies, addresses them and directs them with specific questions. She is a sympathetic and emphatic coach and I love her accent.

Vera Sistig

Change your current life into your dream life

Deluxe Mentoring - Herz

Your heart feels light again.

Deluxe Mentoring - Ketten sprengen

You are unleashed and know your why and your goals.

Deluxe Mentoring - Puzzle Teil

You have reassembled the puzzle pieces of your life and are resting in yourself again.

Deluxe Mentoring - Frau am Meditieren und kommt ins reine mit sich selbst

You are at peace with yourself and your being.

Deluxe Mentoring - Selbstbewusstsein steigern | Frau schaut sich im Spiegel an uns lÀchelt

Finally you live your soft, feminine side full of self-confidence and show yourself.

Get out of the waiting loop, into full life!

We all face similar obstacles, beliefs and terror barriers in our lives. The pressure you feel, the fear of not being enough or disappointing someone, I know it too.

And I have chosen to walk for me and my dreams! YOU CAN DO THAT TOO!

Together we create your self-determined life

  • We break down boundaries.
  • We loosen blockades.
  • You learn to establish new habits that strengthen you and bring you into action.
  • You regain your (mental) power.
  • You finally walk for YOU.
  • We give your dreams space so that they become goals that you achieve!
  • You get YOUR clear idea of freedom.
  • You empower yourself to claim this freedom for yourself.
  • We fill your energetic vessel so that you can give and live healthily again.
  • We find ways to enable you to live your dream life.
  • We build you the structures for an online business that enable you to live your self-determined life.
  • Let's go into trust with each other!

You get support in letting go of structures that no longer serve you. I hold the space for you to unfold.

And you get a team at your side that supports you with the technical stuff!

If that is what you want, how you want to feel, how you want to live....

...then this mentoring is for you - click!

Who is this mentoring NOT for?

If one of these points applies to you, we are unfortunately not a good match:

  • You put off decisions forever and can't get going.
  • You believe that only hard work will bring you a happy life and lots of money.
  • You still have to ask your husband, the dog, the neighbour or your parents if you can make this
  • nvestment in your self-determined life and GO FOR YOU.
  • You are not interested in acquiring new habits, new views and attitudes.
  • You want your life to change, but you do not like or want change.
  • You feel like a victim of the events in your life and like to use them as an excuse not to change anything.

Nothing that applies to you?
Then make an appointment with me right now!

We work on all of this together:

The structures for an online business that enable you to lead a self-determined life.

Knowledge of technology and strategy for a successful online business.

Clarity and a proper plan of what to do next.

A mental attitude that makes it easy for you to earn money with your gifts.

A motivating, brilliant community that supports and celebrates you at all times.

How does mentoring work

Get to know each other

The chemistry is right!
We'll find out in a free initial consultation.


Make the full amount or a partial payment.

1:1 coaching

Into a self-determined life with a successful online business.

Mentoring Structure


You now have a website with your offer and are ready to be found - no problem! Search engines like Google and Pinterest work perfectly for you without you having to be constantly online. We take care of the set-up - and train you if necessary, so that you will be found automatically in the future.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? Together we'll find out where your favourite customer is and how you can best reach her. Don't worry, we'll explain the different channels and formats to you.

We take care of the technical set-up of new accounts or the revision of your existing ones.
We are also available to answer your social media questions outside of the calls.



A website is the first step towards visibility. Don't worry, you don't need to mess around with the technology, we do that for you. The website is designed around your (marketing) strategy and your favourite customer. The website is your platform, you decide the content (without depending on a social media algorithm). The website will work for you from now on and will be your most important marketing tool. Just as you can count on our support.

Business Strategy

As soon as we have found or refined your business idea, you will learn in 1-to-1 how to create and implement your (marketing) strategy. With our graphic designer, we develop your personal brand for you and your uniqueness.
To support you in the implementation, you are part of a motivating community and have access to over 120 learning videos, monthly workshops, co-workings and group coaching sessions. Nothing has to, everything can - no pattern, only what really suits you!

After completing your strategy, we transform it into a concrete project plan in which you can read and easily implement every single step.


You are at a turning point and realise that in some areas of your life you are not yet fully in your power and self-determination. We have all been there and know exactly how you feel!
That's why we live a holistic, personal approach to get your energy flowing again on ALL levels.
You also get access to a programme that shows you how to apply the natural laws for you, are always accompanied and supported - 24/7!
With minimum tools, morphic field readings, solution focused mentoring and quantum healing we will clear your path.

Claudia Rehder

"Just the way you asked the questions for me was so appreciative and encouraging... You also know how to ask the right questions.
I was also allowed to ask questions if something seemed strange to me at a certain point or if I was curious and wanted to know more.
These were pictures that were beautiful....It was a very impressive experience for me."

Claudia Rehder

What you can expect from DELUXE Mentoring

Mindset Coaching Claudia Heimgartner

Readings in the morphic field

to find your own personal path.

Weekly 1to1 mentoring sessions

via Zoom incl. recordings.

Offline meeting

overnight stay in a mega hotel with the whole team.

Mindset Video Lessons

Exclusive "Mindset Video Lessons" according to the laws of attraction and vibration.

Strategies and support

in building your online business including online marketing.

A team behind you

who will support you in word and deed.


Support via email and/or messenger chat for immediate help and motivation.

My personal presence and energy

Guidance and impulses from the field.

Wheel of Life

Together we heal every area of your life.

Are you ready?

To really get the most out of this mentoring for you, it is essential:

  • Commit to walking fully for your own goals and dreams.
  • To be open to changing your beliefs and learning anew.
  • Be willing to leave old paths and adopt new habits.To take full responsibility for your life and stop blaming circumstances or other people.
  • To want to break through your self-created limiting thoughts.
  • To be in a healthy mental state and in full self-responsibility!

You can do it, I believe in you.
Let's create your dream life now!

You feel the match?

Have you already booked something with me? Then this amount will be credited to you!


When can I start the DELUXE Mentoring?

Send me an email or book a personal meeting with me here and we'll discuss all the details.
You are already sure that you want to be there?
You can transfer your balance here:

Raiffeisenbank Allschwil-Schönenbuch - IBAN: CH96 8080 8001 8459 8626 7 - Konto Nr.: 40-8710-9 - BIC: RAIFCH22XXX -  Claudia Heimgartner, Untere Kirchgasse 3, 4123 Allschwil, Schweiz

When do the mentoring sessions take place?

The regular mentoring sessions take place online via Zoom.
We determine the exact day of the week and time together.

We also meet offline once. Place (a brilliant hotel incl.) and date we determine together.

What if I'm on holiday?

We discuss holidays, absences etc. together - you won't miss anything, I promise!

What you get in DELUXE Mentoring

Self-determination in all aspects of life

  • Coaching in all areas of life: Your wheel of life is rolling again
  • Success Mindset
  • Clarity and plan for the way ahead
  • Motivating, ingenious community of self-determined people

12 months 1:1 Coaching

  • Goal definition
  • Business strategy development
  • Field readings
  • Mindset work
  • Quantum healing
  • Implementation support

Online business set-up - we do it for you

  • Personal brand design
  • Create or optimise website
  • Establish social media channels
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • 24/7 SOS help