Online-Mentoring for more Self-Determination

Online mentoring for conscious people who take ownership of their lives!

This is about self-determination. It's about shaping your life the way you want it. Privately as well as in business.

For me, determining for yourself what you can and cannot do is one of the highest qualities of a happy life.

Seeing, living and doing things differently than those around you. Not out of spite, simply because it feels right and good.

Impulses from the morphic field

Weekly impulses and inspiration for your free life:

Claudia Heimgartner Vanlife

But how do I actually know what I want?

Do you know your goals?

How would you like to live if EVERYTHING is possible?

What are your dreams?

Do you feel it is time for your change?

This is how we can find out together:

Conscious Reading Mentoring
VIP Mentoring English
Group Mentoring
Claudia Heimgartner Mentorin

Claudia - Your Mentor

The "roof" of my work is reading in the morphic field.

I personally understand the morphic field as "the big picture", the universe.

There are ideas, dreams, goals, encounters, events and everything else you can imagine.
As well as what is and could be outside our limited mind.

Conscious Reading and creating in the field, allows us an "insight" with our senses into this universe.

In a very concrete way we can, for example, ask for next steps, receive messages and get tips for decisions.

Book a get-to-know conversation with me here and we'll see how I can best support you!