VIP Life Mentoring

Personal transformation in all areas of your life

 for souls who want to find their message and purpose, independence and self-determination for their lives.

Let's balance out your wheel of life!

Spirituality meets pragmatism

Claudia Heimgartner online mentorin im van
Manuela Pflüger-Hümbeli Portrait

Claudia, you are the best thing that could have happened to me and my business!
You accompany me with your professionalism, your big heart and your humour in my self-employment with my practice.
After just a short time, soooo much has changed for the better for me. Be it with my personal mindset or with my clients - thank you so much for that!

Manuela Pflüger-Hümbeli

Thank you Claudia for the growth zoom and for the 'answers' from or with the help of the morphic field. I tend to be sceptical about this, but the result surprised me: that things that hinder me, as well as repressed things, become recognisable.
I can now see a bit more clearly and can better understand what is standing in my way. It was a very valuable zoom for me.

Karin Fischer

Karin Fischer

What you can expect from this VIP Life Mentoring

During the 12 sessions we work together, I will be your rock. 

This exklusive, close online mentoring includes:

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with me via Zoom including recording for you.
  • Support via email or messenger service between the meetings.
  • Readings in the morphic field for more clarity, connection with yourself and your goals and release of blockages that still stand between you and your wonderful, light and rich life.
  • Quantum healing for physical ailments or to reprogramme your system. Provided by me in between the meetings.
  • Free access to every special event that I offer during the time of our collaboration.
Claudia Rehder

Reading in the morphic field is so brilliant. It's totally fascinating how everything you read for me has now come into my life!

Claudia Rehder, Coach

Yvonne Dathe Mental Coach

I always look forward to the virtual meeting with Claudia. In the exchange with her, many good ideas come up and she motivates me to put these ideas into practice. Thank you Claudia for your inspiration and motivation!

Yvonne Dathe, Mental Coach

My VIP Life Mentoring is for you if...

  • You want my undivided attention.
  • You want to find your purpose in life and how to life your dream.
  • You are open and ready to taking new, unusual, easier paths.
  • You want to transform your thinking for a better life.
  • You want to bring more clarity, joy and success into your story.

Your investment in yourself and your life:  € 2'222.- / £ 1'919.-

Claudia Heimgartner:
Your mentor and organ of the morphic field

With my warm, inspiring manner, I accompany you in growing your self-determined dream life from the inside out.
I give you structure and support so that you stay focused and achieve your goals with joy.

Adapted to your individual situation, I strengthen you in your self-determination and attentively respond to you.

Claudia Heimgartner Vanlife

Answers to your questions...

My VIP Life Mentoring is perfect for you if you:

✓ you feel the need to finally take your life into your own hands.

✓ want to live your self-determination.

✓ realise that you sometimes stand in your own way.

✓ simply want to earn and experience more!

Let's get started!

I look forward to our time together.

Answers about VIP Life Mentoring

Who is this Life Mentoring suitable for?

It is perfect for conscious souls who want to shape their life in a more self-determined way.

It's about (re)realising your goals and dreams and going for them.

You can be yourself and be exactly right the way you are. Lovingly supported and with wonderful impulses from the morphic field.

How does the Mentoring work?

As soon as we have talked together and you have definitely booked, our collaboration can start!

Together we will find a "Jour fixe" date on which we will meet (usually) once a week via Zoom. The 12 mentoring sessions can be spread over 6 months.
In the sessions we will discuss your topics and, if necessary, use the morphic field, my knowledge of online marketing and quantum healing.

What happens in the morphic field during reading?

To connect with your energetic system, I connect with the morphic field and ask questions for you.
You get answers, we can release blockages, ask for input on decisions, get clarity, find your purpose, your dream house and much more.

When do our meetings take place and how long do they last?

The sessions last 50 - 70 minutes and take place in Zoom and on weekdays.

What if I am on holiday?

We discuss holidays, absences etc. together, no problem! Also, the 12 mentoring sessions can be spread over 6 months.

What do I do if I have questions between meetings?

Just send me an email with a collection of your questions. You can also contact me via messenger service.
I will answer you within 24 hours on weekdays.

Can I pay in instalments?

If that's what you want, yes.
Together we will find a solution, just talk to me. 🙂

You are already sure that you're in?
You can transfer your compensation here:

Raiffeisenbank Allschwil-Schönenbuch - IBAN: CH96 8080 8001 8459 8626 7 - Konto Nr.: 40-8710-9 - BIC: RAIFCH22XXX -  Claudia Heimgartner, Untere Kirchgasse 3, 4123 Allschwil, Schweiz

Anita Kiener Portrait

The coaching session with Claudia really touched me. She gave the space I just needed to what was revealed. From the very beginning, I was able to open up about things that had been bothering me for a long time and that I didn't show to everyone straight away. What I like is that she passes on the impulses she receives openly and honestly and they fit in very well with what is going on at the moment. She also comes up with good solutions that I can continue to work with and that I wouldn't have thought of myself. What also did me good were her experiences, which she shared with me open-heartedly. It made me feel seen and her closeness was very tangible. You can really feel that what she does is done with a lot of passion and heart.
Thank you very much once again for the valuable time you gave me.

Anita Kiener

Ursula Furrer

Encourager, supporter, keep at it!
Claudia, your positive and lively support is very motivating. Your feedback is uplifting and supports me in my next step. Whenever I need you, you're always there to give me advice and encouragement, and that's just great!

Ursula Furrer, Therapist