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Claudia makes it simple!

Know your goals and live your dreams!

The title says it all, because life MAY be simple, uncomplicated and self-determined.

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About me

Claudia Heimgartner in Grace

If I were an Indian, my name would probably be "The one who talks with her hands" 😉

I have been working on my mindset every day since 2009. I meditate, educate myself and actively practice deep gratitude.

Thanks to my wonderful intuition I also consciously integrate reading in the morphic field. This way I can support you even better in finding your own personal path, releasing your fears and blockages, really connecting with your goals and achieving them.

I like to call conscious reading "my loving turbo" because it brings us easily and quickly into the solution.

Oh yes, since I am Swiss you might notice a funny accent that I've kept even after 3 years of living and now travelling through the beautiful United Kingdom.

«And you really live in a van?»

Claudia Heimgartner Vanlife

The wonderment in people's words and looks is palpable when I tell them about my lifestyle.

And yes, that's right, I've been living in my Van Grace since November 2021 and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

In 2015 I was at the very beginning of my business

I felt overwhelmed. Was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it all. Didn't know how I was going to earn "enough" money with my self-employment. Or how I could even pull it all off.

I had no plan, no network, felt alone and misunderstood with all my thoughts. (Mindf*ck hellooo!)

Today I'm living my dream.

I travel, let my impulses guide me, have WONDERFUL favourite clients (and customers!) and a supportive network across all national borders.

How did I manage that?

I got coached, looked for a community that knows what it means to build a self-determined life. I got involved in the challenges, went through everything and above all:


If you wish the same, contact me and we will see how I can support you.

With me you can open the most beautiful Pandora's box, which is the one of your dreams!

That's what some clients say about me:

Karin Fischer

Through the group mentoring programme I have come so much further in my personal development.
I feel freer and clearer and my life is positively influenced.
Your warm, friendly way of explaining things in an uncomplicated and simple way is wonderful.
My decision for you and your wonderful support was spot on. THANK YOU.

Karin Fischer, Companion to a new life 50+

Julia Hermann Business Flow how

Claudia has a huge heart. In our work together, she is simply always focused and with a smile to give me advice and support. She simply knows what is good for you and what steps go in the right direction. It simply does me good to exchange ideas with her.

Julia Hermann, BusinessCoach

Claudia Rehder

Reading in the morphic field is so brilliant. It's totally fascinating how everything you read for me has now come into my life!

Claudia Rehder, Coach

Manuela Pflüger-Hümbeli Portrait

Claudia, you are the best thing that could have happened to me and my business!
You accompany me with your professionalism, your big heart and your humour in my self-employment with my practice.
After just a short time, soooo much has changed for the better for me. Be it with my personal mindset or with my clients - thank you so much for that!

Manuela Pflüger-Hümbeli, Massage Therapist

Manuela Aksu

Working with Claudia is uncomplicated, warm and open. She has the ability to explain complicated things in a simple and understandable way and she shows you which steps are necessary on your path and which tools will help you. The constructive feedback in the coaching sessions and the exchange in the Facebook group was very helpful for me. This motivated me anew each time and made the ideas bubble up.
The course was a valuable investment in my business. Shortly after the course, I gained two new clients through my website.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Claudia.

Manuela Aksu, Graphic Designer

Saskia Storck

Dear Claudia has already read twice for me in the morphic field. I didn't know it before and I must admit I was sceptical. But it is simply wonderful.
I am thrilled how much clearer you can see things afterwards and what fantastic images arise in your mind there. I made a collage afterwards so that I wouldn't forget it and could refer to it again and again.

Saskia Storck, Pinterest Manager

Feedback Nadine Breuer

Claudia's coaching programme literally made me shine. It came at exactly the right moment, in a time of change and transformation. Claudia is a wonderful source of inspiration, coupled with her knowledge of marketing, she is a true enrichment for all self-employed women!

Nadine Breuer, Travel time creator

Feedback Vera Sistig

Claudia is wholeheartedly with "her ladies". She sees where there are deficiencies, addresses them and directs them with specific questions.
She is a sympathetic and emphatic coach and I love her accent.

Vera Sistig, Artist

Yvonne Dathe Mental Coach

I always look forward to the virtual meeting with Claudia. In the exchange with her, many good ideas come up and she motivates me to put these ideas into practice.
Thank you Claudia for your inspiration and motivation!

Yvonne Dathe, Mental Coach