Conscious Reading

Conscious Reading

My loving turbo for your life

I personally understand the morphic field as “the big picture”, the universe.

There are ideas, dreams, goals, encounters, events and everything else you can imagine.
As well as what is and could be outside our limited mind.

Conscious Reading and creating in the field, allows us an “insight” with the senses into this universe.

Everything that we have manifested in our material outside has come into being in the field.
For example, first there was the idea or the goal of a human being to create a device with which we could talk to each other over distances of miles. This vision later gave rise to the telephone.

This means that by directing our attention in the field to something specific, we also strengthen the energy there and set something in motion, we create. Just as it is described in the law of attraction. We attract more of what we focus on into our lives.

Reading in the field and how it can help your dream life

When I go into the morphic field for my clients, we can see things there, create and ask for direct paths and inspirations.

Possible applications of the field reading

1. Receive a message

A really nice thing, especially for the beginning, are messages from the field. This can be on certain topics, periods of time or similar. (Weekly message, messages from Soulmates, from the power animal, from burdened organs etc.).

2. Decision support

If you have to make a decision, we can get input from the field, also quite neutrally through coding. This is also a great way to find the right prices for your offers or the yes or no to your next further education.

3. Solutions

Especially in a business or love context, reading in the morphic field offers great possibilities to make your life easier!
For example, I can go into the energy of an offer or contact your ideal client or partner to find out what he or she is looking for. We can find out which business direction is currently the most suitable for you. There are almost no limits to the possibilities here.

4. Communication on energy level

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to talk to a person personally, you can contact him or her in the field on the energy level. However, the communication only works if this person also agrees (energetically). It does not matter whether the other person is still alive or has already passed away.
It is also possible to talk to animals, plants and entities in the field.

5. Harmonisations

Especially in group coaching or in my Facebook group I like to use harmonisations. Here I go into the field for the members and do a harmonisation on a certain topic.

6. Impulses

Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective, an idea and an apparent obstacle vanishes into thin air. I especially like to get such impulses for next steps from the field. They are simple, concise and have a huge value for my clients.

7. Answers to your questions

Do you have questions that you ask yourself over and over again and just don’t get anywhere? Be it in your life, your relationships or in business?
These can be answered in the field. Through my solution-oriented personality and the work with the law of attraction, I go directly to the solution level with every question. This also applies to the formulation in the field.

Use the morphic field to your advantage

If what you have read resonates with you and you feel a curious, joyful tingling, then you are like me.

I love working with the field and accompanying beautiful souls into their new, unique life in abundance!

That's why I occasionally offer 1to1 sessions where we do a pre-talk, a reading and a debrief. You also get a recording of it. In these single coaching sessions unconscious blockages are often released and relationships and situations are healed.
If you would like to treat yourself to one of these 50 minute soulsync-sessions for 199 euros, feel free to book it here immediately.

For intensive, accompanying support, I have created this brilliant 12 weeks VIP Life Mentoring for conscious souls who want to bring more simplicity and fulfilment into their life with the help of the field.

What experiences do you have with readings in the morphic field?
Feel free to write it in the comments!

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