Monthly messages from the morphic field

Botschaft aus dem morphischen Feld

Receive a personalised short message from the morphic field by voice message at the beginning of each month!

8 Messages at the beginning of the month up to and including December 2024

  • Do you believe in magic and the messages from the morphic field?
  • You have experienced what it does to you and your life when you realise the impulses?
  • You no longer want to do without them?
  • Would you even like to talk to me personally?

Come on then - get to work on the messages!

Message Pack:

8 voice messages at the beginning of the month

CHF 222.- / £ 196

Message Plus Pack:

8 voice messages at the beginning of the month

2 one-to-one sessions of 45 mins each

CHF 555.- / £ 490

This is how it works:

  1. Transfer the corresponding package price in CHF either by Paypal, or in £ by bank transfer (please send me an e-mail)
  2. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your telephone number including international dialling code and your preferred messenger service (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger).
  3. You will receive your message from me in the first 3 days of the new month.
  4. Optional: You can organise the 1to1 sessions as you wish until the end of December.
    Just send me a few date suggestions.
Ursula Furrer

Encourager, supporter, perseverance!
Claudia, your positive and lively support is very motivating. Your feedback is uplifting and supports me in my next step. Whenever I need you, you're always there to give me advice and encouragement, and that's just great!

Ursula Furrer, Complementary therapist

Claudia Rehder

Reading in the morphic field is so brilliant. It's totally fascinating how everything you've read for me has now come into my life!

Claudia Rehder, Coach