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22 questions for more clarity in your life

Have you somehow lost the plot?

Especially in phases of intense growth, we can lose sight of our goals, our life's work and our why.

Doubts arise and we are faced with a wall that we can't seem to get past.
Can I really do it all?
Am I good enough?
What am I actually doing here?
Can I really help my customers?

I call this - after Bob Procter - the terror barrier.

Fear of your own greatness

It may be that your system is fighting back. This growth, the prospect of success, that it could really finally work out with the successful (online) business. That you will reach your next intermediate goal.

Our system is programmed in such a way that it wants to lull us into a sense of security. It does everything it can to keep us in familiar patterns and circumstances.
So if you are "used" to having to work many hours a day to earn your money, that you have to manage everything on your own, that you always have to have everything under control, that you can only rely on yourself and that you have to do a lot to constantly win customers.

Then it feels "safe" for your system - it knows the constant stress, the discomfort and the adrenaline that is released when the invoice amount is once again higher than the account balance.

And of course our conscious self wants the abundance, the many customers, opportunities and freedom!

Create a new reality

So it's about closing the gap and making it clear to your system that your new reality, your new favourite you, is safe and in high vibration. I will show you how to do this in my mentoring programme.

But what should this reality look like?

To get more clarity for your life and your independence, I have put together a few questions for you here. Take your time to really dig deep into your answers. Be as detailed as possible. It's not about dealing with everything quickly and easily, but about gaining lasting insights. And these come from taking a closer look.

If unpleasant feelings arise, allow them to be there and don't judge them. Don't get worked up when you feel empty. This is also allowed. Only where there is space can new things arise.
Be patient and kind to yourself.

So get your favourite drink right away and make yourself comfortable. Make sure you can relax and be undisturbed for a good hour. You can stop after this hour and continue on another day. Hang in there!

Here are 22 questions that will give you more clarity for your life:

  1. What values are most important to you and how can you ensure that they are reflected in all your decisions, both personally and professionally?
  2. What does a successful, fulfilling life mean to you personally, and what steps could you take today to get closer to this picture?
  3. What activities or moments in your life put you in a state of complete excitement and fulfilment?
  4. If money was no object, how would you spend your time? What activities would still fulfil you?
  5. When you look back at the most significant moments in your life, are there patterns or themes that repeat themselves?
  6. What problems or challenges in the world move you deeply, and could you imagine contributing to their solution?
  7. What skills and talents come so naturally to you that you often forget that they are special abilities?
  8. Which aspects of your personality could you be more courageous in projecting outwards in order to be more authentic and create a deeper connection with those around you?
  9. What beliefs prevent you from showing your "soft" gifts authentically and still being taken seriously?
  10. If you could look into the future for a moment and look back on a fulfilling life, what kind of contribution would you like to have made?
  11. If you found yourself in a room full of possibilities and nothing but success was guaranteed, what would you want to contribute to?
  12. What compliments or acknowledgements from other people touch you particularly deeply, and what does that say about your inner values?
  13. What kind of community or environment inspires you and motivates you to give your best?
  14. How do you see the connection between you and your individual life purpose, and what steps are you taking now to connect them even more closely?
  15. In what ways do beliefs about success and self-worth influence your pursuit of a fulfilling life purpose and what new beliefs could give you more freedom?
  16. Are there beliefs that make you hesitant to seek more support, be it in the form of mentoring or a supportive community?
  17. In what ways do you want to use your time more effectively to create more space for personal hobbies and activities that bring you joy?
  18. What small changes would you like to make in your business to experience more flexibility and freedom in your daily life?
  19. To what extent do you want to review your beliefs about success and self-worth and establish new, empowering beliefs?
  20. Which spiritual practices do you want to deepen in order to achieve a deeper connection to your inner guidance and integrate them into your everyday life?
  21. Which values would you like to emphasise more strongly in the coming years and consciously integrate into your daily decisions?
  22. How would you like to adjust or expand your current goals to ensure they are in line with your changing life path?

Get support

If you are ready to create your new reality, grow your business and transform yourself, then talk to me!

You can book a get-to-know session with me here and the change will begin immediately - click!

Which question inspired you the most?
Let me know in the comments!

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