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Self-confidence or self-deception: Why you’re still stuck in place

Inhaltsverzeichnis Why it is so important to trust yourselfListen to your gut feeling and make the right decisions quickly and clearlyAre you completely self-responsible?Are you ready to go


22 questions for more clarity in your life

Inhaltsverzeichnis Have you somehow lost the plot?Fear of your own greatnessCreate a new realityHere are 22 questions that will give you more clarity for your life:Get supportFollow me to make


What is it like to work with me?

Inhaltsverzeichnis Location-independent, personal, intuitiveI like to lift carpets under which much has been sweptMy mentoring resources:1. Conscious Reading (morphic field reading)2. Mindset-Tools3.


My 9 learnings 2022 – Caution personal!

Inhaltsverzeichnis 2022 - what a ride!My 9 learnings from 2022Learning #1Learning #2Learning #3Learning #4Learning #5Learning #6Learning #7Learning #8Learning #9My conclusion from the year 2022To