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My 9 learnings 2022 – Caution personal!

2022 - what a ride!

Yes, it really was. Everything was there in this year 2022, from sky-high jubilation to deathly sorrow.

And I am convinced that everything happens for a reason and that I can learn from it.

In order not to forget any of my lessons, I have done a thorough reflection.

I have summarised the following 9 learnings from my 2022 and given you an inspiration at the end of each of my lessons.

My 9 learnings from 2022

Learning #1

Yes, it was my fault. I didn't follow my own rules, didn't respect my own value.

Instead I accommodated her & created a special offer, also offered payment in instalments - et voila, got the receipt.

After the 1st instalment, no more money came.

I look for the conversation, excuse after excuse, I meet her again, then only silence.

Not very nice. And then they have the audacity to invite me to join groups, ask me to like pages, etc.

Some people really just make me shake my head...

Well, never mind, I'm at peace with it and forgive myself. And her. Ho'oponopono...

What did you learn in 2022?

Learning #2

Business and love remain separate.

We had imagined it to be so brilliant. Building a new business together, travelling, enjoying life, and making our visions come true.

Many hours I put into this project. Shared my knowledge, invested my resources, and adjusted my priorities.

Yes, as in learning #1, respecting your own values and all that... #notetoself

Long story short, with a (very!) big hole in the cash register, a broken heart, and new ways of healing, I kept going and going.

I focus even more on my own goals, check out even more what and especially who is good for me and what brings me closer to my own vision.

Have you ever had such an experience?
Feel free to share it with us in the comments!

Learning #3

I don't have to reinvent the wheel either - why my existing offers are the big hit!

You may know this. As a Manifesting Generator (in Human Design), it's in my nature to have several balls in the air at once, always starting new projects, discarding ideas, and getting bored quickly. #truthbomb

But of course, I also think all my offerings are just brilliant and I get to be proud of what I've already created.

While just because it's not new to me, it's no less interesting and helpful to my potential soul clients!

That's why I'm going to tell you about my VIP Mentoring right now.

This is 5 months individual accompaniment: Connection - Goals - Mindset - Self-Determination

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with me via Zoom including recording for you.
  • 24/7 support via messenger service of your choice between the meetings.
  • Readings in the morphic field for more clarity, connection with yourself and your goals and release of blockages that still stand between you and your wonderful, light and rich life.
  • Lifelong access to the group mentoring videos - pure mindset input!
  • Free access to every special event that I offer during these 5 months.

So, if you want motivation, knowledge, exchange and implementation pushes for you and your self-determined business, then speak to me now - I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Learning #4

I communicate my boundaries and respect them myself.

"No" is a complete sentence!

I'm sure you've heard that before and yet - ARGH! - not so easy.

Saying no without reason, without justification, without excuse. Simply say no lovingly.

In this way you set and respect boundaries in one word. Boundaries that protect you from going beyond your powers, neglecting your values (hello Learning 1 & 2) and / or compromising your self-determination.

Because a no to one thing is a yes to something else. A yes to something that is good for you, that makes you feel calm, that brings you closer to your goals, etc.

The almost more difficult point, however, is to also respect your own limits.

Not to listen to the "work first, pleasure later" limiting belief system nonsense. Or to recognise the perfectionist behind "just finish this quickly" and kick him in the... you know.

Stay true to yourself and maintain your self-determination!

What boundaries do you stand up for today?

Learning #5

As soon as I myself am clear and express my wishes, the universe (and my fellow human beings!) can also deliver exactly that.

If you've been following me for a while, you know it, the question of all questions:


It's a question I ask my soul clients over and over again. Especially when they ask me for advice.

I'm aware that I've caused quite a bit of eye-rolling with this, and that's totally ok.

Because this is another learning from my 2022: the clearer I am about what and how I want something, the more precisely I get it.

It's about owning up to your needs, desires, and dreams. Honestly. Only what YOU (!) want counts.

Formulate it clearly and in detail for yourself. Write it down, read it out loud every day. Allow yourself and the universe to deliver exactly what you want.

The more I do this, the more precisely it is delivered.

I give direction to my life with it. I pursue my goals.

And I make it much easier for the people around me!

Because no one must guess what I want and how I want it. I communicate openly, honestly, and lovingly.

That makes me secure in what I want and what I don't want. And I notice again and again how much I am respected, sometimes even admired, for this clarity.

And one is allowed to be able to endure it. Both I and my counterpart. An exciting task for 2023!

How do you want it? No matter what, feel free to write it in the comments.

Learning #6

"Receiving without wanting to give back directly feels good and is safe for me."

Wow, that sentence!

It's like a mantra for me. Read it out loud to yourself right now. What does it do to you?

Do you know why we usually don't get what we want?

Because on the one hand we don't take my Learning #5 to heart and on the other hand we have forgotten to simply receive.

Maybe you know the urge to want to give something back for everything you get.

For example, a compliment. Someone says to you "Wow, you look really good! Do you also feel the urge to say "Thank you, you too! Or to "give back" something else?

That's exactly what happens to me from time to time. And, in the meantime, I am very aware of it, and I hold back and enjoy. Wow, a lot of mindfulness!

And that's why this is my learning number 6!

I'm allowed to just receive, no matter what.

Because I am enough and that is beautiful.

Feel free to let me know in the comments what the 1st sentence does to you!

Learning #7

I'm worth someone driving 500 km to see me for only 7 hours.

In line with learning number 6, this is also about being able to receive.

And as in learning numbers 1 and 2, it's about knowing your own values and your own worth.

What a feeling! Someone travels over 500 km just to see me for a few hours. To spend time with me. To make me happy and to be happy himself.

And the best part? Not just once, but again and again.

Because that's when the nonsense comes around the corner and says quite nastily "well, it can happen once..." and rolls his eyes cheekily.

And I say, "Shush nonsense! I'm worth it!" - and so are you!

Learning #8

Fall in love with realities, deeds, actions - not words, ideas, or potential.

This Reel by @thematthewhussey hit me like a bolt of lightning about 3 months ago. I'll post it in my story right now so you can check it out.

In it, he says, in essence, that you can tell the quality of your relationship by HOW someone makes you feel, not WHAT you feel about them.

So, you can love someone, find him great, sexy, charming and funny.

But if he makes you feel insecure, anxious, confused, and erratic, that person is not good for you.

And that hit me like a literal slap in the face. And woke me up.

So, my learning number 8, it's not about what someone says, promises or what you imagine in your head for future scenarios.

It's about truths, actions, facts. These are the things that are real and give value to your relationship. Whether in love, friendships or any other kind of relationship.

How is it with you? Have you ever fallen in love with a potential?

Learning #9

Small rituals and habits have an enormous influence on the quality of life.

I like to try out new methods, tools and tricks that expand my awareness and also bring a bit of magic into my everyday life.

For example, in 2009 I started replacing the word "but" with "and". You have probably already noticed this in my texts. My coach at the time gave me the tip and justified it by saying that otherwise we would declare everything that was said before the word "but" to be null and void or questioned. That made sense to me and so I have integrated it over the years.

The same applies to rituals, such as morning meditation, during which I connect with Mother Earth and the universe, balance my chakras and recharge my batteries for the day.

In the evening I write at least 5 things in my notebook for which I am grateful or proud of myself. I feel very deep and fall asleep in this wonderful state of contentment.

One of my clients has even reported back to me that since she has been doing this little ritual regularly, she no longer has nightmares. Great, isn't it?

I have been inspired to create a few new routines for 2023. Let's see what can be easily integrated into my everyday life.

Of course, I'll pass on the tried and tested ones to my customers - of course! 😉

Which rituals would you like to integrate in 2023?

9 Learnings from 2022 - Caution, it's personal! From high-sounding to deathly sad, everything was there in this year 2022 #learnings #mindsettool #justdoit


My conclusion from the year 2022

It's been a cracking year. Living in a van, travelling, Switzerland, France, Spain, brilliant projects, magical clients, "failed" partnerships and new opportunities.

And a wonderful, intense connection with a heart person with whom I healed myself out of our very bad emotional crises together.

Thank you dear 2022, you taught me many things and I am glad that you are over now!

To your self-determined 2024!

Do you want to live an independent, self-determined life?

  • Do you feel that it is time for your change?
  • Are you ready to go for yourself and your desires?
  • Are you tired of keeping yourself down and trying to please everyone but yourself?
  • Do you want to be in charge of your life NOW?
  • Do you long for peace within yourself?
  • Can it finally be "just" about you?

Then this mentoring is for you - 3 months of support for your dream life!

What lessons have you learned in the past year?
Feel free to write it in the comments!

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