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The decision had been taken

Vanlife start and how it came about

At the beginning of April 2021, my ex-partner and I decided to go through life "only" as friends in the future. (And yes, that works and is still the case today!).

As is the case with separations, they usually don't happen overnight, especially not when you have shared your lives for years.
So I had already thought about how I wanted to organise my life when I was single again.

Since I started my business in 2015, I've been moving step by step towards location independence.
I've suspended my offline bodywork courses, gradually switched my coaching sessions to video call and created many online products.

So I've already been working completely digitally since the beginning of 2019.
Of course, this was also the conscious plan as I always wanted to have the option to be abroad (especially in my heartland Cornwall) at any time.

So it was clear to me that I now wanted to use this opportunity to reshape my life.

That same month, I rented a small camper van to get into the feeling and give the universe a clear signal.
That was the end of April 2021.

On 5 November 2021, 7 months later, I started my vanlife with Grace (who was still called Hugo at the time).
No more flat. Just a storage room for what doesn't fit in the van.

Today (24.04.22) I am on the Costa Blanca in Spain, because my primary goal was to escape the Swiss winter. Due to a few technical obstacles, that didn't work out until the beginning of February.

And I persevered because I knew my goal!

I tell you, it was so worth it, I have rarely been happier in my life than I am now!

In the photos you can see, in reverse order, a small documentation of this year. Including the corpus delicti, why it came to the separation, on the first photo.

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How such a sweet, delicious something in a jar can lead to a break-up

Actually, it's quite simple.
We are different people who tick differently.
So, of course, did my partner at the time and I.

If you know me a bit, you know that I like to do things quickly, simply and pragmatically.
I have an idea, do a quick google to get some background information and get going.

Most of the time, however, I do exactly the opposite of what I found out. Simply because it feels more coherent and better to me.

It was the same with the Easter dessert we prepared for our family dinner.
I google a recipe, change it to fit the ingredients I have on hand and then I don't follow the instructions on how to "fold in" the beaten egg whites and the mixture (simply because it's too slow for me...) et voilà, the dessert looks NOTHING like the fancy pictures on the food blog.


Of course, I couldn't care less, because it tastes so delicious and the decoration makes up for it, but not everyone is the same. And that's a good thing!

In any case, this led to another argument, which was then the proverbial last straw and the decision was made.
There too, pragmatically, peacefully and clearly.

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