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Selfie Tips: How to Boost Your Message with Selfies

Shine online with your message: Tips for cool selfies!

Ready to conquer the world with your mission? Then these little wonders must not be missing from your online presence: Selfies!

These personal masterpieces can not only showcase your face but also radiate your message. In an era where authenticity sets the tone, selfies are your secret weapon to establish a personal connection with your audience. Let's explore together how you can stand out online by cleverly photographing and presenting your personality.

The importance of authenticity and showing your face

In your digital journey, authenticity is the key to success. People want to see not only ideas or projects but also the faces behind them. Showing your face in your online presence is a powerful way to convey this authenticity. It creates a personal connection, makes you more tangible, and strengthens your audience's trust in your mission.

Ready to become visible online with your radiant self and a message that changes the world? Join me on a journey of how you can not only look good in your selfies but also carry your strong message into the world.

What to consider when taking selfies

The perfect angle

Capture your face from above or straight on to avoid unflattering shadows and a double chin. Find the perfect angle that accentuates your best side. Hold the mobile phone in one hand. If you use both hands, this usually results in a very unfavourable perspective that makes your face appear "compressed". Below is a great tip on how you can solve this so that your smartphone doesn't fall out of your hand.

Nostril avoidance: Make sure the camera is at least at eye level to avoid unintentional insights.

Sure, sunglasses are cool. Still, ensure that you mostly use photos where your eyes are visible. Remember, it's about building trust with people, and that also requires them to look into your eyes.
By the way, please avoid mirror selfies, "lovely girl pose" aka tilting your head and duck faces.

Selfie-making No-Gos:

Looking at the screen instead of the camera: Ensure that you look into the camera while taking the photo, not at your face on the screen. This also applies to videos, by the way!

Please don't squint: Hold your smartphone so that you don't squint or look extremely to the side.

Excessive use of filters: Of course, you want to look good, but don't overdo it with filters. A too perfect image can compromise authenticity. Also, it's awkward when people can't recognise you in live meetings or on Zoom. 😉

Inappropriate backgrounds: Ensure that the background of your selfies is not distracting or unprofessional. A tidy background focuses attention on you. Also, avoid having strangers, children facing the camera, or overly personal items like family photos, etc.

Unfavourable lighting conditions: Avoid too strong or too weak light. Natural light often works best. Play with different light sources to achieve the optimal effect. Avoid using the flash function as it usually overexposes the face. When it's sunny, make sure the shadow of your arm and the hand with the phone is not on your body.

Utilise your mobile phone's features

Timer: Use the self-timer to find the right pose at ease. This also prevents the annoying stretching of the arm for the perfect shot.

Selfie ring: You can buy rings or "knobs" at the phone store that you can stick on the back of your smartphone. This makes it much easier to hold the phone with one hand to take a selfie.

Additional angle: To capture more of your surroundings in the photo, you can (on Android) click on the two figures when the camera is active, giving you an additional angle.

Post-processing: Experiment with light post-processing to improve image quality. However, ensure that you remain authentic.

Resize: Adjust the size of your images to optimise them for different platforms. Use 3:4 for Instagram and Facebook posts, 9:16 for Stories.

Cut-out: Cutting out allows you to focus on the essentials.

Claudia Heimgartner Coach

Here's a cut-out photo of me that I like to use in graphics.

Selfie Checklist

  1. Authenticity over perfection: Emphasize your individuality and authenticity. Show yourself as you really are, without hiding behind filters, makeup, or impractical clothing.
  2. The right focal point: Ensure your face is in focus. Your eyes are the window to your mission—let them shine and establish a connection with your audience.
  3. Background check: Avoid distracting or unprofessional backgrounds, including strangers.
  4. Consider lighting: Use natural light if possible. It provides soft illumination and gives your pictures a pleasant atmosphere. Watch out for unwanted shadows.
  5. Creative selfie angle: Play with different angles to emphasise the best sides of your face. A slightly tilted look from above is more advantageous than from below.
  6. Timer in action: Use the timer or a selfie ring to comfortably find the perfect pose. This also prevents unnatural-looking arm lengths.
  7. Editing with care: When editing your pictures, stay authentic. Light adjustments can improve image quality, but don't overdo it and maintain your natural appearance.
  8. Message in the caption: Use the caption to deepen your message. Explain what's currently moving you or what message you want to share. You can read about creating a high-quality social media post here.
  9. Consistency in style: Develop a consistent style for your selfies to create recognition. Your images should align with your mission and message.
  10. Seek support: If you're still unsure or self-doubt is hindering you from being visible with your selfies, contact me, and we can work together on your mindset and skills for visibility.

Pro-tip: Take at least one selfie per day to get used to it and improve your skills!

Conclusion: Your mission, your message, your selfies!

The selfie – more than just a photo. It's the key that makes your message tangible and personal. In a digital era where authenticity is paramount, selfies are the tool to make yourself and your mission visible. Your face becomes the icon of your message, builds trust, and creates a unique connection with your audience.

So, grab your smartphone, smile into the lens, and let your powerful selfies conquer the world!

Shine. Share. Transform. I support you on this journey!

What experiences do you have with selfies? Do you use them already?
Feel free to share in the comments!

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